HOMEStaff InterviewKotaro Kinoshita

“People” are what sustain and strengthen the company

The market currently finds itself in a heated cost competition, which forces companies to take numerous rationalization measures in hopes of maintaining high quality. In order to survive in Japan without transferring facilities overseas, companies need reliable technology and ongoing innovation. This means that each employee must have top-notch skills and abilities, which take a great deal of time and training to develop. That is why we at Kinoshita focus on permanent staff. Sharing the same motivation with others builds camaraderie and fosters the company culture we strive for. To me, “management is continuity” - so, as the company moves forward, we will continue developing human resources and creating an environment focused on lifetime employment.

The company’s foundation: Employee satisfaction

When I was appointed president, I took up the banner of “major reform,” swinging the hatchet of authority as I commanded employees to do things “the right way.” But one day, I realized that I had ended up sapped the employees of their drive. Companies are only as good as their employees. I can’t do anything alone, and until now I have been unable to keep operations running without the help of our staff. When employees are unhappy, it's difficult for them to do their jobs well – and difficult for the company to ensure customer satisfaction. As I continue to oversee management I will need to make many important decisions, and whenever I do, there are three questions I need to take into consideration: 1. Will the decision make our employees happy? 2. Will the decision improve customer satisfaction? And 3. Will the decision benefit the community? These criteria will always take top priority, regardless of how the decision might affect business performance.