HOMEStaff InterviewYsuhide Maki

Company trust is vital

I am mainly in charge of stocking work. One of my aims is to “never leave work for tomorrow.” When a customer calls about an item, it may just be one of many tasks I have to do – but to that customer, that one item is important. That is why I always set aside a few hours the next day. This kind of relaxed, carefree environment is one of the company’s unique characteristics, and I think the Kinoshita culture takes root because workers are given reasonable goals and, above all, management trusts its employees. To me, the consistent balance in the pace of work is what lets employees tackle their work with enthusiasm.

Developing long-seller products

We often work together with the sales department to develop new netting. As environmental concerns take on growing importance, developed products need to be more than just strong – we also have to think about their effects on the ecological system and biodegradability.
When we formulate ideas, we think about the possibilities of new netting by approaching each idea from two different angles: commercialization from the usage standpoint and commercialization from the materials standpoint. The process may not be simple, but we are always excited to create products that will go down in company history.