HOMEStaff InterviewMari Konno

Maintaining Kinoshita quality

I am in charge of receiving, finishing, testing, and shipping nets made at the plants. Now, I read through customer instructions when I put the finishing touches on our nets, but one of the hardest things for me when I joined the company was deciding whether a net was good or bad. Before I started working at Kinoshita I had had no experience with fishing nets, so I had no idea how to look for defects. One of the senior staff, though, walked me through the process until it made sense – and that really put me at ease. The environment at Kinoshita, where senior and junior employees can talk freely without worrying about rank, is one of the company’s best features.

Aiming for “almighty”

There are several fishing harbors located near the company. It makes me so happy to look at around and be able to tell what kinds of nets are being used. When I eat fish, I find myself thinking, “I wonder if this was caught in a Kinoshita net?” I am proud of being part of net manufacturing, and I hope to do even more in the future. I want to be an “almighty” worker – someone who, for example, can respond quickly and smoothly to orders for products that ship less frequently than others.