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MUKETSU nets, 2 strand twisted knotless netting, weave 4 threads without making knot at intersection.

Threads lose their original strength when twisted or knotted. MUKETSU nets weave the threads together instead of using knots, which helps keep the threads sturdy and strong.
MUKETSU net intersection, which prevent strain on the threads, have a much higher tensile strength compared to knotted nets with the same thread size.

MUKETSU nets can be manufactured in small amounts to fit the intended use. Mesh size and Thread size can be adjusted under the requirement.

MUKETSU make the most of unique thread properties and can be made from a wide variety of materials.

MUKETSU netting is flexible and soft – perfect for a wide variety of uses.

MUKETSU nets improve thread stability, making them finer, lighter, and easier to handle than knotted nets of the same strength – and they also help reduce equipment size.